A NEW book about
President Abraham Lincoln
by Glen Aubrey

  • What makes any person a leader?
  • Learn from Lincoln's experiences and life lessons which shaped him as a leader.
  • Discover solid truths to help you become the leader you truly want to be.

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No one accomplishes anything of merit by wishing and dreaming alone.

Action and hard work, born of a steadfast desire to succeed and overcome obstacles must accompany desire, hope, aspiration, and dependence on God;

for then only will achievements come.

in this Book

What you will learn

Lincoln—The Making of a Leader briefly examines a history of the life and surroundings of Abraham Lincoln, incorporating viewpoints from two men who knew Mr. Lincoln intimately: William H. Herndon and Ward H.Lamon. Reading what these two gentlemen wrote regarding Lincoln from their personal and professional perspectives in the years immediately following Lincoln’s assassination, helps us glean closer and hopefully more accurate understandings of Lincoln’s unique contributions to American history—who he was as a person as well as the immense impact he had—and the experiences and life lessons that served to shape him.

Lincoln, the man, was complex.

What made Mr. Lincoln the leader he was shown to become throughout the varied stages of his life? What do you think it would take for someone of such complexity to ascend to the highest office of leadership in the land who, upon being elected, was to endure the most costly war in human sacrifice the world had ever known?


What can we learn from Lincoln's life and experience that may contribute to the people of our day who aspire to or assume leadership roles, to become leaders in their environment and organizations for the right reasons, best causes, producing meritorious results?

What makes any person a leader?


The growth of a leader.


A leader combines life experiences, formal learning, true-to-life applications, multiple environments, trial, error, successes, and failures. Ultimately leaders make choices about how to lead and how their desired achievements are to be won. What drives any leader and why? How does a leader evaluate success and failure?

Become the leader youwant to be.


Perhaps you will discover in this book solid truths that can help you become the kind of leader you truly want to be. Perhaps you will learn several factors that made Lincoln the man and leader he was shown to be, and how much impact his leadership had upon our country's history, and continues to have on our ongoing existence.

About the Author

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Glen Aubrey is an author, publisher, professional musician, Emmy Award Winner, and business consultant. This is his fifth book Glen has written about President Abraham Lincoln.

Glen Aubrey

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